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Why should Christians be part of a church?

To many people the word 'church' means a building . The real meaning of 'church' is a group of Christians meeting together.

Christians are not meant to go it alone - there's no such thing as an
'independent' Christian. We need each other - If I take one page I can tear it to shreds easily. If I take a whole book I cannot tear it at all. Others need you, even if you don't feel you need them.

Becoming a Christian means becoming part of a word-wide family whose head is God. Local churches help us to go on in our Christian life .Styles of service may vary but the aim is to come together to worship God through prayer, songs and studying the Bible together.

Nobody can do everything - God gives different gifts to different people. It is our responsibility to work together as a team, sharing what we've got and showing others the love of Christ.