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Is Christianity any different to other religions?

Sometimes people say that surely if people are sincere about their religion it doesn't really matter what they believe - God will accept them into heaven.

This seems very attractive at first sight, but it really doesn't stand up to scrutiny .

   Sincerity does not make wrong facts right.
All religions apart from Christianity teach that you get to heaven
by what YOU do
   Christianity teaches the very opposite of this.
 Both cannot be true. One is right and one is wrong. To believe the wrong thing sincerely does not make it right.

Is this Intolerant?.
If you think about it, isn't all truth like this - Two plus two equals four. End of story. Take it or leave it. You can't negotiate on this truth.

We are not saying that other religions are wrong in everything, nor are we looking down with a superior attitude on those with other faiths, we are simply saying that the Bible is clear that
the only way to Heaven is through faith in Jesus Christ.

Christians, like everyone are faced with a choice: am I going to accept Godís invitation or not? Yes or no! And our destiny depends on our answer to this question.